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These finely handcrafted Soapstone Aroma Burners match any decoration. Soapstone is heat resistant and distributes heat evenly, so the essential oil is warmed quickly and evenly for a truly beautiful fragrance.

These Oil Burners are intricately carved to offer more than just Oil Burners as they come in designer and colorful looks to provide a royal look to your furnishings. Offer various awesome designs, they find their application in homes and restaurants for decoration purposes. 

Due to the hand crafting of this exquisite product and natural product (soapstone), there might be some minor variations between one burner and another. 


Soapstone Oil Burners

  • Free delivery in Malta on orders over €35 and in Gozo on orders over €50.  On other orders there is a €5 charge.  Otherwise pickup from Fgura.

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