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Introducing our Lavender Mug Collection – a trio of mugs that brings the serene charm of lavender right to your fingertips. In soft hues of cream and lavender, each mug is adorned with a graceful lavender flower, creating a delightful fusion of elegance and whimsy. Elevate your sipping experience and infuse your moments with style using this captivating lavender-inspired collection. Unwind with your favorite beverage in hand and let the enchantment of lavender enhance every sip. Discover the perfect blend of sophistication and joy in our Lavender Mug Collection – where your drinkware becomes a work of art.


Depth:10.7 cm
Width:10.5 cm
Height:7.5 cm

Porcelain Mug (Lavender Decorated) - 3-assortments

  • Free delivery in Malta on orders over €35 and in Gozo on orders over €50.  On other orders, there is a €5 charge.  Otherwise pickup from Fgura.


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