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Introducing a range of ceramic oil burners in a rustic terracotta style. They have a nice tactile feel that is suited to selling together our essential oils or wax melts available in stock.

Nice simple designs - ideal for gift baskets or as a gift for OWLS COLLECTORS.

Always place the oil burner on a heatproof mat. Ensure there is sufficient water in the container above the burner. Use good quality tealights. Never leave it unattended when lit, and keep away from curtains. Keep out of reach of children.

Indicate which color you prefer and we try to accommodate your wishes.

Classic Rustic Oil Burner - OWL SIDE ON

  • Free delivery in Malta on orders over €35 and in Gozo on orders over €50.  On other orders there is a €5 charge.  Otherwise pickup from Fgura.

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