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Whiskey Wooden Gift Box - 4 pieces Basalt Stones (approx.2cm each) + one glass + a black velvet bag with one white logo + tongs + Coaster


Color of Basalt stones: Grey


In this Luxury Whiskey Stones Gift Set one finds 4 basalt stone ice cubes. These Whiskey stones are the perfect solution for keeping beverages chilled without dilution. Unlike ice cubes, these whisky stones don’t water down or dilute the drink and will maintain the complex flavors and smooth texture of the finest whiskeys. These whisky stones are flavourless and odourless so drinks can be enjoyed without compromising the taste. An ideal gift for a drinks connoisseur.


Made from 100% natural basalt which have been cut, tumbled and polished to a smooth finish that won’t scratch or damage the glass. The stones retain their temperature longer than ice cubes providing a more sustained chill.

Whiskey Wooden Gift Box - 4 ice cubes basalt, stone grey set

SKU: Whiskey Wooden Gift Box - xxx120
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