Shen Gifts


Baby Showers

Let us help you create lovey favors for Baby Showers or a Custom Made Gifts for the Mum-to-be or the Brand new mum.

A Baby Shower gift or a Gift hamper for the new mum  who needs some comfort too! This Gift can be a Mama’s Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle, that safely and naturally addresses all the discomforts a new mama might be experiencing. This gift is packed with thoughtful and inspiring must haves can include: a Well Being Aromatherapy Blend (100mls), Massager, Soap dish, Aromatherapy Handmade Soap, Soap holder bag, 3 Roses soaps, 1 bottle of Lavender essential oil, Reusable Gift Pack Tray. 

Gifts and Baby Showers can be custom prepared as per client's request.