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Whisky basalt stones set of 10 in a Glass jar

EUR 15.00

Whisky basalt stones set of 10 - 9 pcs stone size 2x2x2cm, grey, one pc Tong size 12cm, set of 10 in one glass jar, size 6x13x6cm


Basalt Whiskey Stones Gift Set - Reusable Ice Cubes for Drinks - Bar Accessories - Whiskey Rocks - Whisky Gifts for Men - Chilling Stones + Tongs



This WHISKEY STONES GIFT SET INCLUDES: 9 Reusable Basalt stones + Barman Tongs for the Best Usage + a  glass jar



��BE UNIQUE, EVEN WHILE CHOOSING A GIFT - Do You Want to Give a Gift Which Will Be Unique and Memorable? This Elegant Gift Set Will Definitely Make This Present Unforgettable!



❤️TREAT YOURSELF AS YOU DESERVE - These Whiskey Chilling Stones / Whiskey Stones Are an Ideal Option for You and Your Friends to Get the Best Out from Your Drink.

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