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The Purifying And Detoxifying Gift Pack

EUR 25.00

DESCRIPTION The Purifying and Detoxifying Gift Pack by Shen Gifts is full of natural and animal cruelty-free products which are designed to purify and rejuvenate the body inside and out.

This sustainable gift pack aims to help you feel back on top form, whilst washing toxins from the body. The precious Aromatherapy Oils in the products exude a sensation of calmness and detoxification that positively influence the body, mind and soul.

This wonderful gift pack treat is the perfect present for a friend or family member or for treating yourself!

This gift set contains: ~ Kilner Jar filled with 200 grams Himalayan Bath Salts: Detox. (Himalayan salt infused with 100% Orange, Lemon and Ginger essential oils, Avocado oils and dry Ginger). ~ A mini wooden scoop for the Himalayan Bath Salts. ~ 100 grams wild and natural handcrafted Soap (Honey and Oatmeal soap) made from the highest quality natural ingredients using the melt and pour method. ~ A lovely Hemu Wooden (sustainable) Soap dish is added with this gift pack to keep the natural handmade soap drained well between uses, making the soap stay dry and last longer. ~ Natural Soap Bag (biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly). ~ Natural soy scented candle (15 hours) in satin glass jar with gift box easurements: 5 cm x 6 H Box: 5 x 5 x 6.5 H. A stylish candle in recyclable satin glass jar, perfect to calm and relax the mind after a long day. ~ All items will be nicely packed in a re-usable jute tray. ~ Complimentary Shen Gifts Greetings tag. Handwritten with your personalised message.

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